Served after 4:00PM


Texas Travers De Côtes

Four-hours braised ribs served with smoked BBQ sauce and frizzled onions

Côtes Tacos

Chopped smoked brisket & guacamole

Beef Sliders

Prime ground beef, caramelized balsamic onions, kosher dills & secret sauce

Petites Brochettes

Grilled chicken and beef skewers, & chimichurri sauce

Carpaccio De Boeuf (Raw)

Filet Mignon, frisée greens, capers & french vinaigrette

La Brochette Sampler

Sampler of Nems de Côtes Croisées, Petite Brochettes, Poulet Pané & Côtes Tacos

Eggplant Tian

Crispy layers of eggplant with creamy babaganoush

Poulet Pené

Breaded chicken poppers cooked in sweet chili glaze, lime juice & coconut shavings

Nems De Côtes Croisées

Eight-hour braised short ribs spring rolls, Napa cabbage, button mushrooms & BBQ aioli

Steak Tartare (Raw)

Hand-chopped Prime Filet, mustard vinaigrette, refined bourbon, egg yolk, capers & toast points

Side Dishes

Pomme De Terre
Roasted Garlic Potato Purée
Roasted Garlic Cauliflower
Sautéed Spinach
Grilled Asparagus
Idaho Frites
Sautéed Wild Mushrooms
Steamed Mixed Vegetables


Salade De Poire

Baby arugula, Asian pears, dried cranberries, caramelized pecans & mint-infused olive oil

Portobello Grillés

Baby arugula, avocado, grilled sweet onions, fresh corn & balsamic vinaigrette

Frisée Aux Lardons

Frisée greens, smoked brisket, poached egg, French vinaigrette

Soupe De Poulet

Bouillon, shredded chicken, melange of vegetables

Salade Cesar

Romaine hearts, cherry tomatoes, smoked paprika, garlic croutons & Caesar dressing

Salade De Maison

Baby mixed greens, vine tomatoes, radish, red onions, cucumber & five-herb vinaigrette

Soupe De Jour

Ask your server for our chef's daily soup creation


La Brochette Prime Burger

10 oz. blend of Black Angus and Prime chuck, caramelized onions, lettuce, vine tomato, kosher dills & secret sauce. Served with Idaho Frites

La Brochette Risotto

With short ribs, wild mushrooms, green peas, & red wine demi-glace

Poulet De Marseille

Grilled chicken breast served with wild mushrooms, potato purée & sautéed spinach

Côte De Veau

Veal chops, root vegetables, pomme de terre in red wine demi-glace

J.D. Côte Braise

Eight-hour braised short rib served with garlic potato puree, grilled asparagus & frizzled onions

Free Range Poulet Rôti

Free-range chicken with fingerling potatoes & haricot verts


Montauk Thon

Pan-seared Montauk Tuna served with steamed asparagus & ponzu-lemon sauce

Scottish Saumon

Scottish salmon filet served with shitake mushrooms, quinoa, & teriyaki glaze

Filet De Branzino

Branzino filet served with sautéed spinach, sweet pea puree & lemon beurre blanc

Steak & Chops

Prime Rib on the Bone “For Two”

Served with frizzled onions and grilled tomato

Pepper Corn Prime Filet

Served with frizzled onions and grilled tomato

Prime of Prime

Served with frizzled onions and grilled tomato

Center Cut Ribeye

Served with frizzled onions and grilled tomato

Filet Mignon

Served with frizzled onions and grilled tomato

Black Angus

Served with frizzled onions and grilled tomato

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