About Us

A Kosher Steakhouse featuring French Fare cuisine

More than a decade of rich tradition

Nestled between 39th and 40th Street, our French-inspired Steakhouse is proud to be in service to those seeking a quality culinary experience as well as serving the Glatt Kosher dining community. La Brochette is under strict Kashrut oversight by Orthodox Union.


4.4 Star Rating


4.3 Star Rating


4.4 Star Rating


4.2 Star Rating

Dry Aged Beef

Mature taste brought by time

All of our prime steaks and chops are dry-aged on-site and served by dedicated and knowledgeable staff with years of steakhouse experience. The setting is primed to impress: whether for a romantic dinner, a power lunch, a client dinner or a family celebration.

The Classic Flavour

Discover Our Cuisine

Experience fine wines, the freshest seafood, the finest steaks and genuine service at the one and only, La Brochette. Our menu includes Beit Yosef Glatt Kosher meat, a range of the freshest sushi and omakase, handcrafted cocktails, premium beers, and an extensive selection of world-class wines and liquors.

Award-winning Wines

Premium wines of impeccable quality

An extensive selection of world-class wines is an understatement. Ranging from California to the mountains of Israel, we have handpicked only the finest of Kosher wines to be served. We have any kind of drink that can compliment any meal, mood, or occasion. 

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